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SKG-Pharma is a licensed GMP manufacturing organisation based in Lagos, Nigeria. We are one of the major players in a diverse and competitive market.

SKG-Pharma Ltd started business in Nigeria in the year 1962, as LePetit Ltd. This company became Wellcome Le Petit Ltd and transformed to Wellcome Nig Ltd when it became a full subsidiary of Wellcome Plc, UK. The company Wellcome Nig. Ltd became established as one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria with a fully equipped factory that manufactured many of the Wellcome brands.

In 1994, the Rumon Organisation UK, bought the majority shareholding of Wellcome UK. This gave rise to SKG-Pharma Ltd, which continued to manufacture the Wellcome brands in Nigeria under licence and represent Wellcome UK for the non locally manufactured brands on an agency basis until the year 2000.  Following the take over of Wellcome by Glaxo, the relationship that SKG-Pharma had with Wellcome UK was affected as GlaxoWellcome’s operation in Nigeria naturally took up the former Wellcome brands.

SKG-Pharma has continued to operate in the main with own brands (some of which are replacements for the former Wellcome brands) and some imported brands.  Click here for further details on our products.

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